Todays wind turbines are lightweight with composite carbon fiber blades and require very little maintenance.

We offer wind turbines from Southwest and Bergey ranging in size from about 1 KW to 10 KW. The Skystream turbine which is direct grid-tie is now available. Unlike many dealers we offer complete installation in our service area.

An important part of operating a wind turbine is an annual inspection on the tower and turbine. This is also a service we offer.

Wind turbines out perform the equivalent solar system during the winter months. Where it is feasible, a combination of wind and solar is the best choice for year round living.

The tower height is very important to the performance of the system. It should be 15 to 30 ft. above any obstructions within a 500 ft. radius of the tower. There are excellent tip up towers that can get the job done without climbing. Choosing the right wind turbine is critical, as upgrades can be complex.

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