A turbine so small you can fit it in a blue box, and yet powerful enough to run a home with most of the modern conveniences. These units don’t require a dam, and can run from a stream that comes down the side of a hill.

A pipeline is needed and can be as small as a 2" poly pipe and generally no larger than 8". Water pressure built up from gravity in the pipe is directed through a nozzle, striking a specially designed wheel, which turns the generator to produce electricity. The newest versions can run on vertical drops of as little as 6 feet. If you are lucky enough to have such a site you should investigate this further. In some cases a specialized machine can be inserted into a fast flowing stream.

An efficient home can run on as little as six kilowatt hours a day. A turbine producing 250 watts continuously, will meet this need. Any excess power produced is dumped into air or water heating.

The benefit of Micro Hydro is its continuous power output.

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