Offers the following advantages: Clean, Silent, No Maintenance, Expandable, 20 to 25 years warranty

We have access to a variety of high power modules from the world leading manufacturers. Sanyo, Sharp, Kyocera, BP, Mitsubishi and SolarWorld are a few brands available. Custom designed PV systems are available for both off and on the grid applications. Ontario now has FIT and MicroFIT Contracts and Net metering for renewables. Whether you need a single module for a remote camp or commercial installation you can count on over 24 years experience to get it done right.

The two most common types of solar panels are Mono Crystal Silicon which offers improved performance in overcast weather and the Polycrystalline silicon that offers a lower cost with equal performance under full sun.


Sun-link Solar Trackers meet Ontario Domestic Content.

A PV modules output is highest when the sun strikes the module at 90 degrees. Conventional mounting of panels doesn't take advantage of early morning and late afternoon sunlight; much of the light hits on an angle and bounces off, reducing power output dramatically.

The Sun-Link Solar Tracker uses an innovative circuit to control the electric actuator arm which positions the PV array to point at the sun. Sun-Link Solar Trackers use photovoltaic technology to sense the direction of maximum power available in the sky.

Why we use Photovoltaics: More sensitive and reliable than photocells and they react faster than refrigerant based units.

Sun-link units have now been in operation for more than 15 years. Units have been sold across Canada since 2002.

The Sun-Link tracker delivers amazing performance. On bright cloudy days the PV array will take advantage of dispersed light by facing south. The tracker will not move on dark rainy days when there is no increased advantage in power output.
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