Making Money with Solar Power: Ontario Power Authority is taking applications to purchase electricity from renewable energy projects such as residential rooftop solar systems. If your project meets all the criteria for safety and complies with current rules you will be offered a contract to buy your power for the next 20 years at a premium rate. Projects with an output below 10 kilowatts termed MicroFIT, are typical for residential and will earn 39.2 cents per kilowatt-hour. This will result in a payback time of less than 10 years for most systems, and profits continue to roll in for the rest of the 20-year term.

The size and direction your roof faces are usually the determining factors for how big the system will be.

MicroFIT is like a pension plan with an environmental benefit. Don’t forget that solar panels carry a 25-year power output warranty so there will still be value at the end of 20-year contract.

Projects, which have an output of over 10 kilowatts, are put in a different category called the FIT program. The rules are stricter and the application much more detailed.  An example would be a very large commercial rooftop that could support 8000 square feet of solar panels. The pay scale also changes as the projects reach larger sizes. These can deliver good ROI if properly constructed.

Other Government Programs: Net Metering allows you to interconnect your solar or wind system with the utility grid and make your own power. Electricity is blended without switching. If you have more electricity than you need the power will flow back into the utility lines. The utility meter records the number of kilowatt-hours sent back. When you need more power than you produce the meter records the power consumed. The bill is calculated on the net amount of kilowatt-hours consumed, which saves you money on electricity, transmission and debt retirement charges, which are tied to the kilowatt-hours consumed. Net Metering only allows for a credit on your account, which is carried over for up to one year. You will not be paid for any excess electricity.

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Ten Kilowatt Solar Project
A 10 kilowatt system would produce approximately 12,000 kilowatt hours per year in Sault Ste. Marie. The cost to install a 10 KW solar system would cost approximately $45,000.

Estimated kilowatt hours produced is based on Natural Resources Canada weather data for the Sault Ste Marie Airport and the PVwatts1 estimator program. System efficiency, slope of the roof, site conditions, and weather variations will affect the performance and revenue produced.

Northern Lights Energy Systems Ltd. had been in business for over 25 years. We have the first grid connected renewable energy wind and solar systems in the area. Northern Lights Energy was one of the first renewable energy dealers to receive ESA contractor license. License No. 7001821

Not all systems are created equal. They may look the same from the ground, and even work the same in the beginning. The difference is in the care we take in designing and installing your project. If you want it to last 20 years or more it requires quality equipment, attention to details in attachment and sealing, and offering supplemental protection from external threats.

All you need to do to get started is to call Northern Lights Energy Systems Ltd. for an on site consultation to become aware of your best possibilities.

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